Welcome to Collaborative Wellness!

The world is not to be put in order. The world is order, incarnate. It is for us to harmonize with this order. ~ Henry Miller.

Even though this site has my name on it, it exists because of Collaboration. I work best with conscious collaborative partnerships.

My life has always been about a drive for purpose and meaning, which has never come easily for me. It took most of all my 60 years on this planet to finally trust the processes of life. By understanding that there is order in the Universe and learning to abide naturally with the governing principles, and aligning my  life’s habits with them,  I was able to create a simple, connected and harmonious existence.

It’s all about balance.

What creates balance, and how do we maintain it in our lives?

That’s the one question I will help you to answer, throughout this site. The products, articles and programs have been designed with that one premise in mind.

Life really does become easy when we are in harmony with nature and life’s processes. You will learn about keeping your body healthy from a physical perspective – what we need to keep our “chemistry” in balance – from our resident Naturopathic and Homeopathic Doctor, Rick Nappi.

My perspective tends to be a bit more esoteric, as few people have really had the opportunity to seek out this information as I have. I like to look at things from an energetic and relational perspective. So when Dr. Nappi tells you about how the liver functions as our body’s main filtering system, I will tell you that keeping your liver in balance will help you to make better decisions and take actions on them.

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Collaborative Wellness LLC, is the culmination of these processes, and brings together credentialed experts in Complementary Health and Nutrition Sciences, to develop education, resource and support programs, and deliver products to help you change your health for the better by preventing and  reversing chronic lifestyle-related disease, so you can take charge AND be 100% responsible for the choices that make up your quality of life,  to become your own Health Advocate.

Here you will learn simple principles that nature and our innate body wisdom has wanted to share with us all along. All we have to do is notice, listen and act in a way that is in alignment with those principles.

By building a community of support, and hosting special educational events in the form of books, articles, web conferences; as well as live classes, workshops and consultations, we aim to assist you in recovering your power when it comes to making decisions about your wellbeing.