#MeToo ?
Since I have been seeing so many posts with this tag, I have been vacillating about whether or not to post myself.

In the spirit of #Authenticity, which I have been doing everything in my power to live by, I decided that I would. Authenticity requires brutal honesty with myself as well as vulnerability.

I was one of those early bloomers, and an easy mark for men since I did not have access to what I would consider a strong male role model. I don’t think that my father could even deal with the fact that my sexual maturity came on so young, while my emotional maturity lagged years behind.

The leering and jeers almost seemed normal. I thought it was just something boys and men did, and I had to accept it with as much grace as I could muster.

There was one instance when I was being chauffeured home from a babysitting job at the age of 13, that the”dad” reached over as if it were nothing and started to fondle my breasts. I can hardly remember what he was saying at the time, nor do I remember my response. I was in a state of shock. I said nothing about, until I was well into my adult life.
When I finally came clean, the response I got from my parents was, “Not surprised. It sounds like something he’d do.”

I believe that so many women around my age, grew up believing as I did that it was just something we had to deal with. The problem with that is, it traumatizes us deeply, to the point that we numb out. Authentic relationships with men, intimate or otherwise, are always challenging. I have not been able to sustain an intimate relationship with a man for very long at all.

What I have done is accepted it as something that happened to me and not a part of who I am, which allows me to be more authentically me, and in a position to impact other women, in particular in positively healthy way.

Love to all you Warrior Goddess Women who are coming forward.

Because, after all, it IS all about the FOOD!


 It became apparent to me some time ago, before I even dreamed of this project, that the food we eat has EVERYTHING to do with – well…just about everything.

First and foremost, food sustains life – all life. Without it we die. Food is involved in every memorable event. Every culture has their own tradition around food, some that have been sustaining healthy lifestyles for thousands of years.

Then along comes our Western Diet and all of its many variations –  Adkins, Paleo, Ketogenic…
We were led to believe that eating this way promoted healthy weight loss. Over and over, it’s proven wrong and people keep dying of obesity related chronic disease. The thing is, the industries promoting animal products, junk food, and pharmaceuticals are out to create customers, not promote health.

As we saw in our film at September’s Dinner and A Movie at Orchid GourmetPlantPure Nation, when people living in cultures based in plant-based eating, adopt a Western diet by either moving to an area where it is prevalent, or it has been thrust upon them, they end up having the same issues related to excess dietary fat as their Western counterparts; diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, a lifetime of medications for any number of chronic issues…I’m not even going to get into the harm our western diet is causing this planet!

I could go on, but I know you get the point, because you keep showing up!
Yes. More and more, people are noticing what they have been led to believe are inevitable facts of aging, are completely preventable. We can be FREE FROM DISEASE! FREE FROM MEDICATIONS! FREE TO ENJOY A HEALTHY VIBRANT LIFE!

All you have to do is remember it’s within your control, and you do have a choice. When you accept 100% responsibility for your health and adopt a Whole Food Plant Based lifestyle, you are saying Yes to LIFE. Everything changes for the better. 

But, you won’t know that until you do it. And you probably haven’t done it because you’re not sure what to do. Right?

From 5 years of personal experience, I can easily say that eating WFPB is the simplest, most delicious way to eat. You will never again have to think, “What can I eat?” That’s exactly how and why I came up with the concept for Collaborative Wellness LLC, so that Health Advocates like me and Nancy and now Chef Jesse, could come together to provide the education, resources, services and programs you need to create the healthy, vibrant life you truly desire. And since it’s all about the food, you better believe it’s going to be FUN.

Let Nancy and I help you get started. Join us for the 4-Week Plant-Based Jumpstart Thanksgiving Edition. It starts October 30 until November 20. Based on the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine’s Food For Lifecurriculum, we walk you through everything from meal planning to menus, to what-to-eat-alternatives to meat and dairy – and yes, cheese. We will also be creating a plant-based Thanksgiving menu.
Click Here to Register. 

Plus, we will continually create memorable events together, to put the FUN back into FOOD.
Vero Beach Plant-Based Foodie is now a Facebook Group, where we can all meet up and encourage our local restaurants to put more local plant-based food-choices on their menus by creating a demand.
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Our first PB Foodie Experience host restaurant is Sean Ryan Pub on Tuesday October 17.
Tickets are $25 and include salad, choice of entree and dessert. Alcoholic beverage not included.
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October’s Dinner and A Movie at Orchid Gourmet is the last of the season. We’ll pick up again on Thursday, January 25. The feature presentation is VEGUCATED (watch trailer), and once again Chef Jesse Alexander will wow us with his beautifully crafted culinary delights.
Tickets are $40. As of this writing there are only 15 tickets left. Word sure travels fast around here!
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Collaborative Wellness LLC is proud sponsor of Growing Healthy Kids, and I will soon be on the fundraising team. Your support of this organization, created and headed up by our own Nancy Heinrich, will help to halt reverse and prevent obesity and diabetes by educating children and their families. Your tax-deductible donation will help this organization get the Nutrition Scientists programs out in front of the communities and schools, where we can make the most impact. Plus you will receive a copy of Nancy’s latest book, “Wellness Wednesdays; Lessons for Parents by Kids”. Visit GrowingHealthyKids.org to explore and donate.

And most of all, Thank You for your interest and support of the Whole Food Plant-Based Lifestyle Movement we are obviously building and growing in our community. My dream is to see everyone living to their fullest, healthiest potential. We can only do that by OWNING IT…