About Donnamarie

Health and Happiness is Contained in Harmonious Balance

Donna’s life has always been about a drive for purpose and meaning, which has never come easily for her. She learned how to trust the processes of life, by understanding that there is order in the Universe. Learning to abide naturally with the governing principles, has allowed her to align her life’s habits with them, and create a simple, connected and harmonious existence.

After the sudden death of her 6-month old sister at the age of 18-months, Donna began to struggle with various health issues related to the unexpressed grief.

How does an 18-month old child process grief when everyone around her is doing the same? The guidance she needed from her parents was absent, so she became introverted and shy. The illnesses she developed were the only ways she could receive the attention of her mother, who was busy with the younger siblings. Trust was always an issue, and connection reminded her of pain experienced. This showed up as an inability to completely connect with family members, intimate relationships and even her own children.

Severe asthma and sudden strabismus (crossed eyes)required frequent doctor visits, surgeries and hospital visits, and ensured her mother’s undivided attention. It also ensured a life of isolation. When siblings and neighborhood kids were out playing, Donna was inside recovering. This introverted lifestyle developed of love of learning. Books and music were her loyal companions. The more she learned, the more she was able to start connecting the dots between the situations that created her health problems, and the probable solutions based on simple principles that govern all of nature and life.

Finally, when Donna was about to enter pre-teen years, her ever-vigilant mother found a doctor who offered something quite different; nutritional intervention. Donna continued to experiment with and document reactions and responses to food and lifestyle through her formative years. There were many trial and error periods; one “health guru” after another, spouted misinformation about what creates a healthy human. Because her senses became more refined with each failed experiment, the days of allowing someone else as the authority on health came to an end.

Fast forward 20 years. Donna went on to learn about important complementary health therapies and practices, and became a massage therapist. She was introduced to colon therapy and began to unwind the processes that integrated how what we put into our bodies; whether it is food, water, air or information, are all processed according to the same set of principles.

As she learned how to simply appreciate the systems as they expressed themselves, she developed a finely tuned homeostatic “radar”, a keen sense of discernment, and the ability to question accepted norms, that allowed her to easily “right” herself in times of adversity and transition.

In working with the principles of order, she could listen and hear what her body was asking of her. Because of that refinement, she was able to rid herself of all medications and medical interventions.

Now at age 60 she has finally taken 100% responsibility for her health and has become her own Health Advocate. She teaches simple principles of a Whole Food Plant Based (WFPB) lifestyle and collaborative support; building community.

Her latest project, Collaborative Wellness LLC, is the culmination of these processes, and brings together credentialed experts in Complementary Health and Nutrition Sciences, to develop education, resource and support programs, and deliver products to help you change your health for the better by preventing and  reversing chronic lifestyle-related disease, so you can take charge AND be 100% responsible for the choices that make up your quality of life,  to become your own Health Advocate.

She is also the owner of The Spa Downtown in Vero Beach Florida, where she provides massage and energy therapies enhanced by powerful therapeutic essential oils. She believes in over-delivering high-value service at a very affordable price, making massage accessible to everyone with a desire to invest in self-care routines.