There’s nothing like a party to get people on board with something good!

In our mind, learning about wellbeing should be FUN, and eating is definitely Social. So, what could be better than a fun, social experience that has all the makings of a fine dining experience?

One of the things I have personally missed since becoming Vegan is that my options for total dining pleasure in our area are limited or non-existent. That’s been disappointing to me because there is nothing I like better than extraordinary dining, with all my senses engaged; a wonderful welcoming venue, appealing presentation, delightful tastes and good friends to enjoy it with and something of interest to allto talk about.

That’s why we chose Chef Jesse Alexander, owner of  Orchid Gourmet to devise the menus and amazing service, to house our Dinner and a Movie events.

Chef Jesse will also be helping us to educate other local chefs on the basics of providing plant-based vegan options on their menus.

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