You’ve Got to Know Your WHY Before You Know HOW

“He who has a WHY can endure any How.” ~ Frederick Nietzsche

‘WHY’, is bar-none, the most compelling question that we humans have in our intellectual toolbox. If our WHY is big enough. it can motivate us to do things that, up until the point we uncover it, we could hardly believe that we would be capable of accomplishing it.

Knowing your WHY is THE important first step in figuring out how your goal will be accomplished, and for creating a life you truly enjoy living.

Knowing your WHY also gives you the courage necessary to take the RISKS to move forward and to stay motivated when the going gets tough. Saying YES to an important goal, aimed at changing your lifestyle and the associated health outcomes, is your first risk. It’s a challenge to be sure, but you wouldn’t have said YES, if the part of you that already knows your WHY didn’t believe you could do it.

We are one-up on the animal kingdom, where survival is the main motivator. We humans are designed to thrive. We not only have access to instinct, like animals, we have access to intelligence, which allows us to make choices for how well we want to live this one life we are given.

However, animals have an advantage over us now, in that their survival instincts always help them to know whether or not something is good for them to eat, and not POISON. We have unlearned instinct and learned to tolerate those poisons, turned them into “food”, and suffer the consequences of ill health and early death, even though we “know better”.

Collaborative Wellness now offers programs where you  you will learn the whats and hows for creating Nutritional Success. Change comes easily once you know your WHY.

Crisis is another powerful motivator. So whether you are at a point where a health crisis for you or someone close to you is beckoning you to change, or you want to lose weight for the sake of preserving your health, you can start with these questions right now:

  • Why do I want to be healthy?
  • Why is it critical for me to live differently at this moment?

My WHY is easy to describe. I have been Vegan for almost 5 years. Now my senses are so refined that my instincts have kicked in to let me know immediately whether or not something will support my health. My WHY is about sharing this knowledge and experience with you so you can feel as good as I do. My WHY has led me to further research and also to connecting with other experts and Health Advocates, currently walking the talk, and build a happy, healthy, community of compassionate individuals who want to share this knowledge with their loved ones as well. We will create a “Ripple Effect of Wellbeing”!

Your WHY could also be that you want to be able to serve humanity better, as I do. It could also be for personal reasons. That’s for you to discover. In my experience, once we have fulfilled our personal WHYs, it is natural for us to want to help and serve others.

I’d like you to do this exercise when you have some quiet time for contemplation. Set aside 15 to 20 minutes. Grab a pen and paper. Sit comfortably and think about your WHYs. Here’s a few more prompts.

  • What would be your WHY to improve your diet?
  • What would be your WHY to make changes to a lifelong history of “bad habits” (coping mechanisms/strategies)? Another way to phrase that if you really want to go deep; “Who would I be without my “bad habits”?
  • What would be your WHY to not make changes, but keep at what you learn without wanting to quit?

Have fun with this. It could be quite enlightening.

Trust and enjoy the process!