Meet the Team

Collaborative Wellness utilizes the Team approach in the development of programs. There are also teams within teams as each of our Experts has a different approach and philosophy.

Based on what you need next; whether it is total body healing, preventing and reversing chronic disease, or you simply desire more harmony and balance we have an expert mentor for you.

Donnamarie Vernon, LMT has spent a lifetime learning about how we, especially women can be healthy, happy, sexy and virtually ageless throughout life.  Choose Donnamarie if you want to have more fun, harmony and balance throughout every aspect of your life, and begin to express yourself more authentically.

Nancy Heinrich, MPH has successfully helped to transformed the lives of those suffering with obesity related chronic disease, through her project If you are just now getting by, managing your symptoms with medications and are looking for a complete nutritional overhaul, you will want to work with Nancy.

Dr. RicK Nappi, ND, DIHom, FBIH has transformed the lives of thousands of people, and has successfully healed himself and many others from devastation illness. If total body restoration is what you desire, choose Dr. Rick as your mentor.

Chef Jesse Alexander, owner of Orchid Gourmet has been creating amazing culinary creations for our Dinner and A Movie events since August. We are thrilled to have him on board as a part of are Culinary Creatives Team