Dr. Rick Nappi

Down at Monarch Manor Farm with Dr. Rick Nappi

Some people are born into greatness, others have greatness thrust upon them…

In the case of Dr. Rick Nappi, ND, DIhom, FBIH, both are true. Rick’s maternal grandfather was the chief Homeopathic Physician to Russian Aristocracy. He credits both his grandmother and grandfather for instilling a love of health and life in him. He fondly remembers going out into the fields in the mornings before school and learning about the healing properties of plants, and to arrive home from school to “play” in his grandfather’s lab where he learned about homeopathic formulations.

His whole life was based on how we stay healthy by preventing disease. When he was preparing for college he had in mind to become a neurosurgeon, but everything that he learned and integrated to that point showed him a different path; to address health of the individual before medical intervention was necessary. Because of this homegrown education he has always been extraordinarily healthy, until he was given a surprising and life-changing diagnosis as a result of an executive physical.

Even though no symptoms were present, he was told that he had Hepatitis C and had only a year and a half to live. “That’s was the pivotal moment when I had to decide”, said Rick. “What do you do when you know you’re going to die? It’s choice time. Do I accept this sentence and the prescribed treatment, or do I put my knowledge into action and work to save my own life”. The choice was simple. If death was going to be the outcome he would rather do it with dignity than in a hospital bed hooked up to tubes and monitors.

He diligently worked with his medical team to monitor his condition at each phase of healing while formulating his whole foods and herbal remedies, until he hit on a formula that started to turn his condition around. Through years of refinements, he developed a Whole Body Nutritional Formula, now available here here to anyone struggling with a lifestyle-related chronic issue, or desiring to increase, energy, connection and quality of life.

Rick has a king-sized heart for service. He was the first to begin distributing fresh foods to the homeless populations living on the streets in New York, California and China, creating what was termed “The Fresh Food Banks”.  Even now his company gives back portions of proceeds for underserved communities, and reinvests in ongoing research in Nutrition Sciences.

He has worked in concert with the patent originator of ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity) Dr. Ronald Prior of Tufts University and the USDA, to quell misinformation proliferated by nutrition product companies. He was the first to write industry protocol relating to antioxidant claims in advertising, now known as “The Gold Standard for Antioxidant Claims”, published in Naturopathy Digest in November 2008.

He has been consulting physician to a plethora of “A” list celebrities, professional / Olympic superstars and people worldwide just like yourself.  Because of patient privacy and confidentiality, we cannot publish names here. Dr. Nappi’s is well known for keeping his clients protected from prying media.

Since 1990, Dr. Nappi has been making his nutritional products available to the consumer through his own companies, Doctors for your Health, HealthyRide and Medigourmet, and has produced products for prestigious institutions such as Mayo Clinic and many top-tier laboratories.

Dr. Rick Nappi has come full circle to his true passion for plants, learned at the hand of his grandmother, and purchased a 40-acre ranch in 2015. Two years in the making, Monarch Manor is now a working farm and education center, and is producing his most refined whole-body formula to date called BENEFITS.

Beside managing a prosperous nutrition company and a working farm, Dr. Nappi is now lending his knowledge and unique set of credentials to Collaborative Wellness LLC. Clients with an interest in  complete whole body restoration, as well as preventing and reversing the effects of chronic disease, will have access to him through seminars, on-on-one consultations live and online, and monthly webinars to complement CW’s Health Support Community.