Nancy Heinrich, MPH

Nancy L. Heinrich, M.P.H. is an epidemiologist, author, and wellness coach who transforms the lives of people with diabetes – and their families – so they are in control of this disease and no longer living in fear of it.

She creates simple-to-use tools that show people where to start and how to get where they want to go. She is the creator of, an easy-to-understand diabetes education course.

Her extensive public health background includes work in HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, sexually transmitted diseases, and hepatitis. Nancy is a member of American Public Health Association and American Association of Diabetes Educators.

In 2009 she founded Growing Healthy Kids,Inc., a non-profit organization which designs and delivers innovative garden-based education to children and their families as a means of halting and reversing the childhood obesity epidemic.

She is the author of “Healthy Living with Diabetes: One Small Step at a Time” (, NOURISH AND FLOURISH ( and creator of the “Healthy Living, Healthy Eating, Healthy Diabetes” DVD.