There Is No Secret, But There is a Key to Better Health and Ideal Weight

What if I told you that you could eat all of your favorite foods as often as you want and as much as you want, and be as healthy and happy as you want, without dieting or special exercise?

Would you believe me if I then told you that you would not have to rely on your willpower and you would never feel deprived?

What and how we eat is the key to nutritional success. Our favorite foods are the foods your highly sophisticated and sensitive body were designed to consume for optimal energy and weight.

We have been brainwashed to believe that “junk foods” are where we get our nutrition. Junk foods as basically anything that has been processed and refined, including animal proteins and dairy in all forms, sugar, and fats.

What does that leave me to eat (you may be asking)?

It leaves our Natural Diet. Fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and grains. From these, your body receives all the nutrition it requires to thrive – including protein!

Our problem now; the reason many of us are overweight and possibly medicated to relieve symptoms of excess – high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and prediabetes, auto-immune diseases, et al -is simply that we are not consuming enough of the “right foods” and too much of the “wrong foods”.

Over-eating the wrong foods, causes physical effects of tiredness and lethargy, indigestion and heartburn, lack of fitness, obesity, heart disease, and all sorts of other life-threatening illnesses. The mental side-effects are illusions of pleasure, guilt, helplessness, lack of self-esteem and sex-drive, slavery and misery.

Eating is one of  life’s great pleasures when we eat natural, unprocessed foods that are easy to digest, and help your body to work more efficiently. Our bodies processes are meant to run on high-water content, high fiber, naturally sweet and colorful foods.

99.99% of all creatures on Earth eat their favorite foods, all they want and are not overweight and under-energized. It’s because they have the key that unlocks the secret that you now have access to. Animals know instinctively what they should and shouldn’t eat. Once upon a time, we did too. Unfortunately our intellect has taught us to think differently, and we have overridden the wisdom of our instincts.

The mere fact that we have to think so much about what we should and shouldn’t eat has caused the confusion that leads to symptoms and illnesses that take us further away from instinct every time you put “the wrong foods” in your mouth.

The first key, therefore is…

Intuition is the sensor that guides us to know what to eat and what not to eat.

Developing our intuition is easy. All you have to do is stop thinking and start noticing. What I mean is, develop your intuition through your senses.

Nature has provided us with a most effective protection and sensor; our immune system, which is intimately connected with our intuition and receives its input through our senses. Drugs and the “wrong foods” destroy this connection. When we override intuition with “intellect”, we are actually going against our nature and putting evolution in reverse.

We all have access to this vital system and the simplest way to strengthen it is to start noticing how input you receive through any of your senses makes you feel. Noticing the sensations evoked by images and smells are your first line of defense. This can be tricky, because our senses have been dulled by imagery that makes what’s not good seem appealing. Smells are even trickier. The actual smell of meat (dead, rotting flesh) has been masked by the fragrances of foods, that are actually good for us; vegetables, herbs and spices.

Begin by refining your senses of sight and smell. When confronted by any potential input that you’re unsure about, do this:

Pause. Breathe deeply through your nose. Hold without holding your breathe. Feel the feeling. Take appropriate action based on felt sense.

Do you feel open, lighter, happy, receptive? Then it’s a yes. Go ahead and enjoy!

Do you feel a slight sense of revulsion, contraction, disgust? Then it’s safe to assume that if you choose to consume it anyway, you are going against your instincts, and will likely suffer the consequences of the physical and mental symptoms described above.

This discernment ability will come easy to you once you start clearing your body and mind of “debris”. Join the 4-Week Plant-Based Health Support Group, and you will learn to rely on your intuition to guide to to better health outcomes.